Very Canadian

November 20: I had a moment of feeling very Canadian today. I was heading to Canadian Tire to have my snow tires put on. Dressed in my sub-zero parka, Tim Horton’s tea in hand, I was negotiating the snow-covered and blindingly bright parking lot doing my very best and briskest penguin walk. I passed the live Christmas tree section, fenced off, just outside the store. I wondered who buys their live Christmas tree in the middle of November? When I arrived for my 8:30 a.m. check-in there were eight people ahead of me. Those who did not have appointments had the option of leaving their car overnight in hopes they may be able to squeeze them in, or make to an appointment…a minimum of 18 days in advance.

I wandered around to kill some time until the car was ready. The store was, of course, full of Christmas stuff. No surprise. It had been there before Halloween, but now had taken over the front half of the store. I made a mental note to plan to get my decorations up on a good weather day (promises of 10 degrees in the next few days). Otherwise I might have to face standing precariously on the ladder based in ice and snow, trying to attach Christmas lights to the eavestrough with my fingers quickly becoming popsicles. We have a “North Pole This Way” sign that we stick in the front lawn every year. Last year—with the winter that never ended—we weren’t able to pull it out of the frozen ground until the end of April! I’m sure my neighbours were thinking I was one of those people who leave their lights up all year round.

Besides the Christmas decorations, Canadian Tire really is the Canadian-est of stores. Space heaters, snow shovels, salt, lock de-icer, -40°C windshield washer fluid—all the things that contribute to surviving the Canadian winter. The hockey section, however, is to be revered. Rows upon rows of hockey equipment, front and centre. There are even instructions painted on the floor to guide you in picking out the perfect hockey stick based on your size, weight, shot and curve preference.

Two rows over, I saw a sparsely stocked shelf of boots (did I mention this was mid-November?) and was secretly pleased with myself with having the foresight to buy my son’s winter boots in September. I remember online catalogue shopping at Sears, while eating a burger on my deck on a beautiful September evening. How did I even think of doing this you may ask? Not hard to remember, since the Wish Book arrived just after Civic Holiday. So be Canadian: dress in layers, bundle up, get out there and embrace winter…just start early.

Mantra of the Day: Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! (okay…that’s enough!)


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